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    Default help for any new player

    Hi guys I am skyrunner/aka Aaron Dawnshade this is a thing to help new players!!

    well if you are starting out you might try to get used to the game
    make sure you know every control
    if you want to earn money try the bixie hive
    some advanced players might help you!
    never give up and try
    cook fight or decorate your home
    just try

    always be nice to players weak or strong
    if you want rare items go to these places to ask
    1. Sanctuary server 1
    2. Forest troll fort server 1
    3. Seaside beach server 1

    hope these tips help you hope you rock in free realms!

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    Default Re: help for any new player

    -Try to not spamming on the game
    -Try to not scamming on the game
    -Follow the rules, because if you not follow the rules you can be banned

    now that for addition

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    Default Re: help for any new player

    There are a lot of rules you have to follow like what sanada said and also dont go oob (out of bounds) dont curse of course. Etc.
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    plz to tell this to any mom, dad, anty, uncle, frog, hobo! cause i want to make ppl less dumb every day.

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    Default Re: help for any new player

    I always dont follow those rules lol in the Realms

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