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    Default A Guide To Every Thing Free in Free Realms

    I didnt know where to post this, but here is a list of everything that you can get through advertisements or free codes; or in other words, everything you get for "Free" in Free Realms...


    TCG Sample Booster (Code, TCG)


    Housing Pack #1: Small Wilds, Jack in the Box, Sink, Bathtub, Shower (FaceBook Code, Housing)
    Housing Pack #2: Small Wilds, Train Set, Table Lamp, Small Bed, Wooden Dresser(FaceBook Code, Housing)
    Housing Pack #3: Small Wilds, Shrinking Head Cauldron, Outdoor Bench, Picnic Table, Outdoor Chair
    Housing Pack #4: Small Wilds, Stereo, love seat, bookcase, Sylvan Floor Lamp (FaceBook Code, Housing)
    Housing Pack #5: Small Wilds, Automatic Head Size Augmenter, Sylvan Small Bed, Room Divider, Wood Armoire (FaceBook Code, Housing)
    Housing Pack #6: Small Wilds, Natural Wood Flooring, Barrel, Chest, Crate (FaceBook Code, Housing)
    Housing Pack #7: Small Wilds, Dragonscale Roofing Shingles, Large & Small potted plant, Sylvan Fountain (FaceBook Code, Housing)
    Housing Pack #8: Small Wilds, Butterfly Wallpaper, Wall Sink, Microwave, Refrigerator (FaceBook Code, Housing)
    Housing Pack #10: Small Wilds, Blue Stucco, Sylvan Long Rug, Swirly Coffee Table, Sylvan Loveseat (FaceBook Code, Housing)
    Animated Snowman (Code, Housing)
    Legends of the Guardians Stuffed Soren (Promo, Housing)
    Tiki Torch (Promo, Housing)
    Turtle (Promo, Housing)
    Gumball Machine (Promo, Housing)
    Fuzzy Squirrel (Promo, Housing)
    Bubblegum Machine (Promo, Housing)
    Hanging Plant (Promo, Housing)
    Stereo (Promo, Housing)
    Natural Wood Flooring (Promo, Housing)
    Starry Night Wallpaper (Promo, Housing)

    Non-Free Style Clothes:

    Checker Charged Helmet (Code, Head)
    Skeletal Speed Helmet (Code, Head)
    Strawberry Surge Helmet (Code, Head)
    Bull-Horn Ninja Cowl (Code, Head)
    Crash Crunch Helmet (Code, Head)
    Flying Dragon Cowl (Code, Head)
    Nightfall Raceaway Jacket (Code, Chest)
    Wild Winger Shin Guards (Code, Legs)

    Non-Free Style Weapons:

    Shadowblade (Code, Weapon)
    Dynamite (Code, Weapon)
    Crystal Hammer (Code, Weapon)
    Jagged Scythe (Code, Weapon)

    Elemental Procedure (Medic) (FaceBook Code, Weapon)
    Storm Breaker (Ninja) (FaceBook Code, Weapon)
    Rainbow Coil Cutter (Ninja) (FaceBook Code, Weapon)
    Exploding Hammer (Brawler) (FaceBook Code, Weapon)
    Molten Bow (Archer) (FaceBook Code, Weapon)
    Branding Iron (Blacksmith) (FaceBook Code, Weapon)
    Electric Knife (Chef) (FaceBook Code, Weapon)
    Jackhammer (Miner) (FaceBook Code, Weapon)
    Angro's Vanquisher (Warrior) (FaceBook Code, Weapon)


    Pixie Dust Flair Shard (Promo, Shard)
    Spelunker's Shard - Miner (Face Book Code, Shard)

    Free-Style Clothes:

    Fairy Outfit (Promo, Oufit)
    Steak Outfit (Promo, Outfit)
    Robgoblin Costume (Code, Costume)

    Legends of the Guardians Mask (Promo, Head)
    Polkadot Sunglasses (Promo, Head)
    Chatdy Baseball Cap (Code, Head)
    Treeble Mask (Code, Head)
    Panda Mask (Promo, Head)
    Knitted Fish Hat (Promo, Head)
    Baseball Cap (Code, Head)
    Cow Hat (Code, Head)

    Chatdy Shirt (Code, Chest)
    Girls Skeletal Hoodie (Promo, Chest)
    Boys Skeletal Hoodie (Promo, Chest)
    Tuxedo Jacket (Promo, Chest)
    Green Stripe T Shirt (Code, Chest)
    Robgoblin T-Shirt (Code, Chest)
    Cow Spot Apron (Code, Chest)
    Legends of the Guardians Shirt (Promo, Chest)

    Charcoal Bermuda Shorts (Code, Legs)
    Purple Layered Skirt (Code, Legs)

    Striped Shoes (Code, Feet)

    Gossamer Wings (Promo, Misc)

    Free Style Weapons:

    Turkey Leg (Promo, Weapon)
    Fairy Wand (Promo, Weapon)


    Dumpling (Hippo) (Face Book Code, Pet)
    Rascal (Dog) (Face Book Code, Pet)
    Hedwig (Owl) (Face Book Code, Pet)
    Zax (T-rex) (Face Book Code, Pet)
    Iggy (Triceretops) (Special Code, Pet)

    Doggy Bowling T-Shirt (Code, Pet)
    Kitty Jeweled Collar (Code, Pet)
    Doggie Fairy Outfit (Promo, Pet)
    Doggy Superhero Outfit (Promo, Pet)


    Veggie Surprise (Code, Consumable)
    Froggy Fries (Code, Consumable)
    Goat Cheese (Code, Consumable)
    Spider Snack (Code, Consumable)
    Spook Sphere (Code, Consumable)
    Froggy Fries (Code, Consumable)
    Small Sandwich (Code, Consumable)
    Heavenly Donut (Code, Consumable)
    Berry Cupcake (Code, Consumable)
    Bark Chocolate (Code, Consumable)
    Charged Fries (Code, Consumable)
    Triple Layer Popsicle (Code, Consumable)
    Graveyard Flambe (Promo, Consumable)
    Firefrog Legs (Promo, Consumable)
    Prospector's Scroll (Promo, Consumable)
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