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    Default A Guide To Avoid Gitches In FreeRealms

    Hello Insiders,
    Here A A Few Steps To Avoid Bad Gitches In Free Realms. So Here We Go With Step One!
    1). Dont Go Into A OOB Area (Out Of Bounds) Area.
    These Are Areas You Dont Suppose To Go Like Sunstone Valley, Silver Hills, Lavender Coast. I Dont Recommend You To Go To These Areas Because A Enforcer Will Show Up Anytime.
    2). A Lot Gitch: Most Of The Players Have Noticing A Lot Glitch Like The The Seaside, Sandy Beach and Shrouded Glade Lot. Well I Recommend You To Teleport Again If It Shows Again. Teleport.

    Well I Hope These Tips Help I Am Taylor Skydawn, And So In-Game!

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    Default Re: A Guide To Avoid Gitches In FreeRealms

    Are there good glitches?
    I like watching the funny glitches; they make me laugh.
    IGN: Brett Firemumbles - Any server will do... Just port!
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    Pay Realms." - Anonymous (:

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