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Title: got cheese?

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    Default got cheese?

    i dont care what it is just give me your extra stuff like stuff that you can trade but not sell go ahead use me for a garbage can rlzclearwatr did it and now i have so many extra stuff so go ahead i dont mind hand me all your stuf or use me as a babysitter for stuff if your afraid that while your gone you will get hacked and lose it i dont care just hand me your stuff tell me your ign add me and hand over the stuff lol

    Spoiler: show
    i dont care what it is cuz i like collecting hand me keys to look after if you want
    Well Mister Smarty Pants I don't go running around.
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    Default Re: got cheese?

    What are you doing? Asking for free stuff?

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    Default Re: got cheese?

    This is a strange thread...

    Unsure about this one. o.e
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