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Title: The Glitch!!!

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    Default The Glitch!!!

    Ok so i've been IG for a while and my list still wont come up, my guild is gone, sc is gone, TCG doesnt work its really laggy and its making my computer slow (i have a pretty fast computer) so i sent a ticket and i hope they do something about it Picture 48.jpg :/

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    Default Re: The Glitch!!!

    I have not had that problem but that glitch is almost certainly due to the large update yesterday, it may take a few days to hammer out all the bugs so just be patient.

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    Default Re: The Glitch!!!

    I have had this, and sent in a ticket for the SC problem. Here is what is says:

    Sorry about the issue with the Marketplace. It is a known problem and we are trying to get it fixed as soon as possible. We have our awesome team of tech pixies working on this as we speak.

    The main server I am having troubles on is server 3, so I suggest staying off the most popular servers.
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    This ends on a good note.

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    Default Re: The Glitch!!!

    I had that issue. Getting off and going back on helped.

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