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    Icon6 FRRRs: "Well Organized Beach Party"

    Hello Guys It's Me: Earthmath Founder of Free Realms Random Records

    I have nice things to say about the party, I loved the idea and I was told it was very fun and entertaining. I have made a conclussion that Insiders deserves the Record for the "First Well Organized Beach Party". Congratulations Insiders for making it into our records.

    Anyways congratulations to all Insiders who participated and organized the whole event, it takes hard work to do something like this and the results always brings the community back toguether to make new friends and meet up with current ones.

    To recognized your effort I personally made a picture Reward for Insiders. Hope everyoen likes it.

    NOTE: Many of our rules changed, which made this party fit into the records. Now it's ok to advertize before the attempt.

    Good Job Insiders Keep those Ideas comming!!!

    And don't forget, Fun Is A Priority!!! Go Brake Some Record!!

    Visit My Site At: (Copy and Paste it into your browser if the link doesn't works)
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    Default Re: FRRRs: "Well Organized Beach Party"

    Awe, thank you very much Earthmath! It was a wonderful party and we were amazed how many people attended and how long it lasted. I had an awesome time and we even had two refs show up to party.

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    Default Re: FRRRs: "Well Organized Beach Party"

    YAY! thats so awesome! i was finally part of one of the records LOL =P

    Be yourself.. Imitation is Suicide!

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