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    Icon12 FR Wrap-Up: Festival of Hearts, Q&A, Housing Decorations, & More... (updated)

    It's the weekend, the big February update juts dropped, and there's been a couple posts about it. Time for your FR Wrap-Up!

    The MMO Examiner, which named Free Realms the prestigious title of "Best New MMO Of 2009," just published a new article on a Festival of Hearts Q&A session with SOE game designer Tiffany Chu.

    While it doesn't give any new information on things we don't already know, it's still an interesting little read for a little insight behind the Festival of Hearts event.

    One interesting thing I took from this was the following

    Will there be any activities for those celebrating "Anti-Valentine's Day"?

    Not this year, but who knows what will happen next year! While there's no activity per-se, there are plenty of items you can get from quests that are on the gloomier side (such as falling black flower petals that trail behind you).
    Kinda sad they didn't go down that route. I think it would have been interesting to let people pro or anti way for Valentines, because I know there's several people out there who aren't particularly for it. Maybe next year then!

    Again, go give it a quick read if you're interested!

    Speaking of "Maybe next year," during the SOE Ustream event yesterday, they got into an April Fools tangent, and I asked about April Fools on Free Realms. Community Manager Pex mentioned that there wasn't anything planned for April Fools in FR, because they have been so focused on the one-year anniversary of the game, which is the same month. Though, they could do something next year...

    And if you want more articles on Festival of Hearts with info you probably already know, check out's little Free Realms Developer Blog, which put up an FoH post yesterday. Again, no new information from this blog post: Just an overview of what's available in the FoH event from Associate Game Designer Julie Burness (who is apparently "Julie Roseheart" in game, just for a heads up if you want to throw Forget-Me Nots at her or tell her how much the dev team rocks).

    Also from yesterday, the other Free Realms dev blog got updated. In this blog post by FR Game Designer M. Margaret A. Krohn (who you may recall from the previous ask-a-dev video), it also goes over stuff in, you guessed it, Festival of Hearts. It also, like the other articles, mentions the new pets, which still are yet to be seen. Though, that's not the only thing that this article mentions that isn't found yet: She also mentions housing decor in the first portion

    We didn’t stop there! Our new addition of interior and exterior decorations is sure to get any housing hound’s heart pounding. We’re letting you choose your own wall papers, roofs, floors, and ceilings! Choose from a variety of options or get them all. It’s your world! Make your house a place to remember and a fun place for your friends to visit.
    Maybe later this month? She does close with "This isn’t all the February update has to offer, so keep your eyes and ears open and I’ll be seeing you in Merry Vale!" so who knows.

    Hope you enjoyed this wrap-up!
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    Default Re: Festival of Hearts Q&A Articles, & More!

    Cool! Thanks Nymo!

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    Default Re: FR Wrap-Up: Festival of Hearts, Q&A, Housing Decorations, & More... (updated)

    Awesome! thx nymo.

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