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    Icon1 Free Realms On A Touch Screen

    While I really do despise my laptop sometimes as it's slowly degrading and slowing down in general, it still touts some cool features, like the flip-able touch screen.

    so, I decided to show off how Free Realms runs on just a touch screen alone.

    Some of the major issues I've come across in it is the navigation with the "click to move" option on. Some things are just easier with mouse and keyboard...

    Also, something I noticed since the update, but it's a little tough to get pets clean again. Before, it was made easier and practically no effort required to clean them. But now, since the update, it's even tougher for some reason, even with the mouse controls. Or at least for me...

    Without further ado, here's the links to the vids


    Some Walking And Pets

    More Navigating And Music Minigame

    More videos using my touch screen may come up eventually. say, Mail sorting or with the crops and what not with other minigames.
    Combat? uuh, maybe...

    Hope you enjoy and thanks for viewing!

    oh, also, Any other people out there tried Free Realms on a touch screen/tablet? How's your experience with it? Do you use it sometimes or all the time for Free Realms?
    for me, It's alright, and can be pretty helpful for some minigames, as shown...
    I am lost

    Spoiler: show

    Thanks Free Realms Lead Animator Floyd Bishop for the the animated signature!

    Your new Free Realms content has been delayed...

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    Default Re: Free Realms On A Touch Screen

    You have an advantage on the music minigame lol!
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    Default Re: Free Realms On A Touch Screen

    No touch screen here, but the music mini-games and some of the things in the game look a lot easier with one!
    Pet cleaning definitely got harder, but because the shampoos increase the stat much less now. Super shampoos are a lot more effective.
    You cook almost like me lol, except the pouring portion.

    You have a lot of pets. Compared to me at least.
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    Default Re: Free Realms On A Touch Screen

    Thats really cool. Wish i could do that. Iv tried getting onto free realms with phones and ipods so i could try out using a touch screen but it doesn't work. Looks more fun in a way.

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    Default Re: Free Realms On A Touch Screen

    Nice job Nymo!

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    Default Re: Free Realms On A Touch Screen

    That's a great suggestion, Nymo!

    I really feel like trying FR on a touch screen. I really want to finish that Music minigame but it keeps on lagging for no absolute reason.
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