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    Default Free Realms Producer's Weekly Letter - Limited Time Items - Parachutes are going away/ Triple SC

    This is what c0braje7 (Clint) Free Realms Producer said in this week's letter.
    Limited Edition Items

    Disclaimer: If you have already purchased a limited time item it will remain in your inventory as a permanent item. Availability of an item that is part of a limited time countdown will only affect those players that haven't purchased or acquired the item. Once the timer ends, the item will no longer be available in the market or in game.

    Seeing everyone have a great time with parachutes has been a blast. Many of you have noticed that they will be going away on Sunday. This is part of an ongoing effort to “organize and clean-up” the store in FreeRealms. We want to offer a focused experience for all of our players and make room for new items and quite possibly remove older or less used items.

    Part of the excitement in an online game is sharing great experiences with your friends. Seeing and participating in content that you can tell stories about with long time friends and new friends alike is a key focus for the Free Realms development team. Sometimes timing is everything and being in the right place at the right time makes all the difference!

    Some of our future content will be available for a limited time. We will make an effort to make sure that limited time content is called out ahead of time and players will have adequate time to participate before limited time content is removed. I can assure you that the majority of content will not be gated behind “limited time” countdowns and there will be plenty of fun free activities to enjoy with your friends in Free Realms.

    We want our new players to see the constant updates and commitment to the game and our existing players to have a chance to own something that may not always be available. I think it is kind of cool to show off a limited edition item to my friends! The more you play the more chances you will have to collect limited edition items!

    Triple Station Cash Update

    We will be removing Parachutes from the market this Sunday so make sure you take advantage of the Triple Station Cash promotion 11/4. It would be a great way to get the Parachute bundle!

    Happy Halloween!!! Be safe out there and don't get a stomach ache from eating too much candy!
    Parachutes going away has been delayed so that you can use the triple SC to get one.
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    Default Re: Free Realms Producer's Weekly Letter - Limited Time Items - Parachutes are going away/ Triple SC

    Excellent post, thanks for the heads-up and info!

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