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    Icon1 Free Realms. New Items.

    Have you seen what’s new in Free Realms? Check out the latest additions below. You can get them from the Coin Shop (Coin) or the Station Cash Marketplace (SC).

    Parking Cones, Robgoblin Light Posts, Construction Barricades (all are Coin items) will help you direct traffic around your house.

    The Short Range Sideways Platform (Coin) and Long Range Sideways Platform (SC) slide side to side once placed. They are perfect objects for building obstacle courses.

    Use this cool Robgoblin Stage (SC) to put on a show or add a stylish Robgoblin Trunk (SC) as a decoration.

    Looking for an unusual swimming pool? How about a Giant Toilet Bowl (SC)? The lid goes up and down too!

    Be careful when you see this fin plowing across the ground. It’s a Landshark (SC)!

    OK, a Landshark is actually a Groundhog with an unusual sense of humor. He’s available as a pet and does three tricks!

    And if you want to swerve across the water (or land) you can check out one of the new Wooden Surfboard (SC) variants of the hoverboards. They come in multiple colors!
    Log into the game and check them out for yourselves today!
    To make a purchase, click on the Marketplace, Claim and Membership icon on the game tool bar.

    From here you can browse any available items and purchase them using Station Cash.

    Click the button to learn more about Station Cash

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    Default Re: Free Realms. New Items.

    Cool Photos!!!!!


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    Icon6 Re: Free Realms. New Items.

    Yesh I have seen the new items XD

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    Default Re: Free Realms. New Items.

    Yes, I HAVE seen them on the FR news.
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