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    Default FREE REALMS: More costly now or then?

    no, i am not talking about sc, memberships, or anything like that. i'm talking about the items that we are paying for. now this is just my thought but: haven't items become more costly? vault, tcg, ect.

    i remember when people were paying 70k-100k for punk pants. now it's like, up to 300k or more. another example: sport shades used to be around 350k, now they cost 2mil at the LOWEST usually. i know vault berry has made vault item less valuable, but i think they would be skyrocketing even more if there wasn't vault berry. another skyrocket example is milk gloves. used to be around a mil, now 8mil or more. is it because we want to outdo the others because it's all what i want and i need to have that item???? that's what i honestly think it is. or greediness.

    i remember when we were saying that the price of sport shades going up to 500k was ridiculous. i mean now, the best offer i've gotten for some of my vault is common items. (there are a few people i know who have been very generous and giving good offers) i honestly wish that prices could go back to where they were a few years ago in FR.

    another thing i don't like is paying for sc. i used to pay 250k for a $5 sc card. now i pay 500k or more. too many prices rising. (for me) i can never keep up with this stuff.

    one moring i get on, sport shades: 500k. next morning, sport shades: 2.5mil.

    of course, that's just my opinion.

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    Default Re: FREE REALMS: More costly now or then?

    Well, of course there is inflation in Free Realms, money gets made by the second!
    All of the people battleing and cooking and ect, it adds up really quick!
    So of course the cost is going to go up, thats just how people are
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    Default Re: FREE REALMS: More costly now or then?

    I think coins are useless.
    Why would you want coins if you don't buy anything in the coin shop?
    What do you use coins for?
    With millions of active players, coins are very common now. I don't think some of the prices are expensive (considering there are millions of people). We see Milk Gloves and Sport Shades much more often then we used to, because people who play Free Realms that haven't noticed the update sell them for a cheap price which they think is high.

    My answer is: No, the prices are fine these days, and they always have been.
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    Default Re: FREE REALMS: More costly now or then?

    Well, yes it is more costly. Even some item's prices in the coin shop have increased 500% the original price (which I find is outrageous)! I remember when sport shades were worth around 40k. Now they're 2,000,000, or a increase of 5000%!!! Then again, coins are now easier to earn, but things are still more costly in comparison.
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    Default Re: FREE REALMS: More costly now or then?

    Yea . . Lol , They Clearly Have ._.
    But It's Because It's Soo Much Easier Too Get Coins Now . Before People Fought To Buy Elite Sets From The Vendors . .
    & We Had The Vault , + Drop Bags From Battle . You Do One Ticket Run And Get Ten Tickets In 45 Seconds Tops . You Do One Battle And Finish A Set . Prices Didn't Have To Be Sky High Because Barely Anybody Would Buy Because We Usually Had , What We Wanted Between Sets And Vault , Besides There Wasn't A Lot Of Coin Flow Going Around Lol
    Now That The Vault's Gone , Getting Max Is Close To Impossible , & The Berry Came In , Prices Went Insaaane .
    Not To Mention Farming . Ugh . Lol
    TCG Went Up Why ? Idk . For Certain Items , I Understand . Rocker Is Discontinued For Example . But Punk Pants Are Not . So That's Illogical To Me . SC Went Up Too , Why ? Idk That EITHER . Lol . That's Senseless I:

    Old FR Was Better . You Worked To Get What You Wanted , But It Didn't Take Spamming . . Spending Every LAST Coin . . And 97 Tries To Get Something ._.

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    Default Re: FREE REALMS: More costly now or then?

    I think Free Realms is more costly now. Because you didn't have to "buy" a new name change. ((Sorry, that's the only thing I can think of to back me up right now. I'm still some what half asleep))
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    Default Re: FREE REALMS: More costly now or then?

    I do not agree with THR177ER. We need coins to buy other things instead of paying our own money for everything. If there was only the marketplace, there would be a lot less people playing the game. I think FR has gotten more expensive because the global economy is at a weak point and millions of people are out of work. Millions of people also need money. I understand that SOE would like to earn more money now that the economy is crashing, but I think they may have overdone it a little. They keep adding SC items to get money. If you buy an SC card at suppose Walgreens, does SOE get part of the money you spent?

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