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Title: Free Realms Memories

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    Default Free Realms Memories

    First off, when I saw on my character profile "The Sunset of Free Realms" my heart sank. I thought it might of been something they were doing in-game, but it wasn't. I've been playing this game for 4 years now and have so many memories on it. I remember when my little brother first found out about this game and told me about it. We played together for hours and hours and it was so fun starting collections and trying to complete them. One of my best friends on this game named Tracie Moonstone stopped me from selling my account about a year and a half ago and I am so glad she stopped me. Sadly my computer broke a little bit after that and I didn't play for a year and that was the last time I saw her. It sucks I never got to say goodbye to her, because ironically I heard she sold her account. I can't even count how many memories I've had on this game, but i'd like to share a few.

    One time another one of my best friends named Marcus and I were messing around at my large house and we heard about the glitch where you could get outside the map. Well we played out of the map for a while and I came up with the idea that the animals or creatures that were moving around all the time outside the map were mods disguised as creatures who could ban us for being outside the map. And I mean we legit got scared and ran back into my house and I blocked all the windows and doors so the creatures couldn't see us and ban us.

    And just all the memories of glitches from getting on top of the maze, getting in the attic of the small house, or getting outside maps is where most of my memories come from. One time I found a glitch where you could place blocks under the map of the small house and I made a couple platforms under the map because I wanted to throw a birthday party for Tracie. I placed a lot of balloons and etc to make it look nice and it ended up being a huge party. A ton of people were there and it was really fun. Eventually though one of the mods or whatever you call them found out and made me remove all the stuff below the map.

    That is just two of the memories I've had on this game, and there are a lot more. I played Pirates of The Caribbean Online, and it was sort of a game like this that got shut down in September. It just sucks losing all the time, effort, friends, and memories on these types of games. I could care less about the money I spent on these games because in my opinion it was worth it.

    Please post threads about the memories you've had on this website because I enjoy reading them. Sucks these things have to happen.
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    Default Re: Free Realms Memories

    If this isn't the hundredth thread about the same exact thing. My fondest memory of FR was that time that I got everything right.

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