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    Default FRI Fight Club?

    Anybody interested in starting a fight club to get together and work on leveling after the Friday night trading parties? Everyone who is interested on a particular Friday could post which jobs they want to play and what level they're at on that job, and we could make a few groups based on a mix of skills and what difficulty level people want to attempt. Maybe we could do a couple medium fights and a couple hard ones or something. I'm not sure if I'm even going to be around tomorrow night or not, but would anyone be interested in trying to take part in something like this?

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    Default Re: FRI Fight Club?

    i am definately interested!!! ill post my stats as soon as i get home from work! this is a VERY good idea!

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    Default Re: FRI Fight Club?

    I'm Level 20 Brawler and Ninja so I don't really do combat any more, but if I can help out FRI then I might join in... especially if we go to a place that drops some good items.

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    Default Re: FRI Fight Club?

    I would be interested but I am not usually available friday nights. I will follow this thread though.
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