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Title: FREE REALMS: Best Memories!

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    Default Re: FREE REALMS: Best Memories!

    When I met my closest and weirdest friends
    When I joined fri
    When I finally won a argument
    When I won a caps lock war
    When I won a silly string war

    Ill post pics when i go home which is around feb 29-march 3rd
    Thanks for the memories!

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    Default Re: FREE REALMS: Best Memories!

    1. Joining Free Realms.
    2.Making so and so and having my friends join it.
    3. Getting my first mount (a White-nosed Mare)
    4. Joining Free Realms Insiders
    5. Making friends on FRI and on FR.

    ^ When the Pop-dance Boombox was first released. (Sorry Nyx Nighthaven, I know how much you hate this photo. Mwahahah.... )

    ^ The first so and so guild poster (I'm so proud of the way it turned out. TwT)

    I had a few more I was going to post, but I can't find them....

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    I hope some day some nice millionaire will buy FreeRealms copyright...

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    Default Re: FREE REALMS: Best Memories!

    You won't let me escape that pic -_-

    j/k xD
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    Believe and Achieve

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    Default Re: FREE REALMS: Best Memories!

    After playing for almost 5 years I have been trying to come online free realms for at least once each month. I am bored of the game, yes but it just brings back memories from the past and I am extremely gutted and I mean EXTREMELY; I am saddened by the news of free realms shutting down and will definitely feel heart broken-ed.

    My best memories ~

    2009 - 3 Months into the game got most combat jobs level 20 - This point I was so relieved from all that questing and felt unbelievably happy
    2009 December update- the game changing moment - combat style, clothing, had changed.. - I was sooo excited for the new content
    2010 - Had changed my name
    2010 - Worked on my other non-combat jobs; darn miner and blacksmith was hard!
    2011 - Had purchased Life time membership xD
    2012 - Got most of my jobs to level 20 but remembered that there was no quicker way of leveling pet trainer!! Nooo!!
    2013 - This is where it hit me, I did not play at all for a couple of months - later then I started to come online for at least once a month
    2013 - Christmas event was spectacular
    2014 - Well... We'll see..

    I loved every bit of my adventure and will treasure it in my memories

    ~ Vahlok
    Siggie by: Jaiy&Lin♥

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    Default Re: FREE REALMS: Best Memories!

    Joining the game back in may 2009. Man the first thing I did was find out how to become a ninja. Loved how you had to go find a job trainer to unlock the jobs. Loved the levelling, loved the friends i made along the way, and loved the combat. Well, the original combat that is. I remember the talk about all the cool guilds, like nexus and insiders. Man those were the days. All the insider hosted events like marathon runs and giant parties. I loved returning years after the game went downhill, only to find my items worth more gold than I would ever need. Loved ticket grinding. Loved boss dungeons and master quests. Most of all however, I loved this community. Insiders was a very enjoyable cove. I will not forget you fellow realmers.

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    Icon11 Re: FREE REALMS: Best Memories!

    I'm exetremely sad about FreeRealms closing down. I've had many fun times on Free Realms and it has been a fun and long journey! It's been fun leveling up jobs, collecting items like rares, vaults, and old school armor, talking to friends, battling, and just having good times. I'm just gladI found this game! This was my first video game! So, I just want to thank FreeRealms, for all the fun times, SOE, for making sure the game was fun, Insiders,for running an awesome forum and accepting me into the guild, and all myfriends on FreeRealms. Well, here's my favorite memories!
    2009 – Joined FreeRealms!
    2009 – Started doing jobs and collecting and meeting friends.
    2010 – Started getting better the game and getting rares!
    2010 – Birthday celebration was awesome and I played all night with friends.
    2011 – Joined Nexus and became friends with Sand Smuggler!
    2011 – Started leveling other jobs and becoming more well-known!
    2012 – Took a break for a while, but then came back and hadmore fun with the new stuff!
    2012 – Joined Insiders guild and met some really cool people.
    2013 – Took another break and then came back and won House Party’s contest and had like 100 people in my house!
    2013 – Reunited with some friends that had not been on in awhile and played all night.
    2014 – Looking at all my stuff and thinking, “Wow, I’m finally satisfied with my stuff.”
    2014 – Getting on and seeing that FreeRealms was closing and remembering all the good times I’ve had.
    Once again, I want to say thank you everyone and goodbye FreeRealms, you were truly awesome. ~ Jimmy Spikespy
    689.png869.pngasset.jpgasset3.jpgasset4.jpgasset5.jpgCapture.jpgCapture2.jpgCapture3.jpgJust some pictures of me and some edited ones from a picture class I took right here on FRI! I wish I had some of me and my friends but I accidentally deleted that folder. Bye FreeRealms!
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Bye FreeRealms!
    “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

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    Default Re: FREE REALMS: Best Memories!

    I remember first joining and having to play through that tutorial in the beginning where I had to turn into a monster and chase a pig or something. That was my first memory of Free Realms.

    I always liked exploring and picking up bits of storyline before finally doing the chapter 1 quest. Doing the chapter 1 story quest was my favorite memory.

    I also remember having silly string parties with a few good friends and starting completely random parties in completely random places.

    I remember being sooo excited to finally join the infamous Insiders guild, of course.

    Another favorite memory was when I finally collected my last exploration coin.

    While the seasonal events got kind of repetitive after a while, the first time they each happened was really fun. I especially loved Halloween.

    The gloam thing was also fun. I felt like it made Free Realms lively again, for a while at least.

    Wow, so many fun memories! I've been here since the beginning... it's hard to believe it's coming to an end.
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    Default Re: FREE REALMS: Best Memories!

    • Walking from Highroad Junction all the way to Snowhill since I heard that that's where you get to become a Warrior, only to find out that it's members only

    • Going to Lakeshore for the first time and being astounded by how beautiful it is

    • Going to FRI's Valentine's Day party in the center of Merry Vale

    • Finding out about FRI Lake

    • Finding Rare Robgoblin Junkpiles

    FRI's Halloween Maze event, man, I absolutely LOVED that event

    • Winning one of FRI's SC contests

    • The exploration tokens, they were somewhat tedious but fun

    • and many, many more.
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    Default Re: FREE REALMS: Best Memories!

    Going on Youtube for help on finding the exploration coins

    Being an avid 'businesswoman' when I was OBSESSED with the market threads

    Setting up my medical school, even though it never started, I think that it was my best creation

    When I was OBSESSED with completing collections and the burst of joy when I found a rare robgoblin junk pile

    When I was at my closest with my online FR friends (you know who you are) and I looked forward to seeing their names light up in my friends list

    The moment that I realised that I had a reasonable amount of rare items

    When I tried playing other games but always ended up coming back to FR

    Joining FRI which opened a completely different look on FR for me, it no longer was a game - it became a community!

    When I thought that my life was complete when I became a lifetime member

    Bad memory - Watching FR slowly show hints of falling apart. When there were constant hate threads on the forum talking about how selfish SOE were, constantly referring to them as $OE

    When I was IN LOVE with camp chatty. I did all the activities I could there.

    There are so many memories, I don't want the game where these memories once were the present to disappear, but I do feel like it's time to let go. I've discovered all I need to discover in this game, I made all my friends and I don't even have the time to go on it anymore. Despite it no longer being one of my "top priorities" I still don't want it to go. But I guess the time had to come.

    I don't mean to sound overly poetic or anything but I guess this game just means/meant a lot to me.
    ~ I wish everyone the best as they depart from the lovely world and community of Free Realms ~

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    Default Re: FREE REALMS: Best Memories!

    My favorite memories were becoming friends with some of the nicest people I'll ever meet.

    I've also made so many friends on FRI. This was truly one of the greatest years of my gaming life.

    This ends on a good note.

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