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    Default Free Agents: Main Central (10/15/09)

    Welcome to the Main Central of the Free Agents area! Please read on if you need help or have a question about anything. This is to help other Free Agents!

    Free Agents TIP OF THE WEEK:
    Never skip school to receive your prize! Stay in school everyday!


    Free Agents + 3 Weeks = NO PRIZES:
    There are only two weeks of this program left, I know you want this program to keep moving but it has to go! The last time prizes were given out was on September 24th, 2009. Others have confirmed that it's the third week and it is true. We have been waiting for three weeks and some constantly refresh to see if they received it to see that there is no prize. As the three week period of no prizes begin, about 3% of the Free Agents stopped participating. Many others predict that the prizes will be given at the end of the month. My advice for you is to try again tomorrow, if all fails, who would want to wait another week.
    Please keep on playing FreeRealms and tell your friends about it!

    Leaderboards FOR ALL!
    All leaderboards (Video, Overall Weekly, Banner) have been added, these leaderboards are updated every end of the week! If you wish to have your name taken off and replaced with your In-Game name, PM me right away! For the sake of protection, last names are not added.

    "Regarding prizes, moving forward expect that there will be at minimum a 5 business day delay from when prizes are earned to when they are received." When this ends on Friday, you won't get your prizes until the next following week, some people will receive it earlier, some will receive it later. That explains last Friday.

    Site Showing an Error?
    It is most likely jammed or currently under maintenance. Try again next time, in the meanwhile, your going to have to make a list yourself to keep track of scores.

    Every Friday morning (or afternoon in Eastern), the prizes are given out and take awhile to receive. If you are the one who didn't receive your prize, you will need to PM Kenny H for more help. If you cannot PM Kenny, I can keep you informed if I received my prize or received any messages concerning prizes.
    As of September 4th of 2009, prizes have been given out in the Overall/Weekly Leaderboards. Some have not received their prizes as of now, they will need to message Kenny H to get their belated prizes. Some users have created alternate accounts to earn double earning, I advise you not to do this because it'll mess up the leaderboards. Thank you for reading this week's confirmation. Stay tuned for next week!
    As of September 11th of 2009, prizes will be unlikely to be given today due to the rememberance of 9/11 in New York. Instead, it might be given on the next following week. The manager is ignoring my questions right now, must be something that happened.
    As of September 18th of 2009, prizes are delayed by 1-5 business days as confirmed by Kenny. (It would be more faster to receive two prizes in one day.)
    As of October 9th of 2009, no prizes are given out.
    As of October 13th of 2009, prizes are currently being verified and will come out shortly, an estimate of when it comes is on Wednesday or Thursday! Keep an eye for your prizes as they are doubled from the end of September, the week of Oct 1st, the week of October 5th, and this week! You have until either these days mentioned as estimates to reach the selected rank!

    Frequently Asked Questions:
    Q1: When is my prize coming?
    A: As confirmed by Kenny, he said this: "We will notify the winner about their prizes when information is available."
    Q2: They take so long, when is it going to come!?
    A: As said before in bold print, "WHEN INFORMATION IS AVALIABLE."
    Q3: I am starting to think that this is a scam.
    A: That's why your being impatient, you have to wait.
    Q4: Ok I lied to get in the program, do you think they'll know I lied?
    A: If you show a picture of your current self, then you are caught.
    Q5: The leaderboards won't update!
    A: It takes about a week for the server to update the leaderboard.
    Q6: If I am in the Top 20, will I get anything?
    A: Yes, a $40 Gift Certificate to Amazon.
    Q7: When do I get my Video/Banner prizes?
    A: At the end of the program, slated to end in October near Halloween.
    Q8: I see some people advertising on these forums, what should I do?
    A: There is nothing you can do, only reporting it would do the trick.
    Q9: What are some good sites to advertise on?
    A: As an advertiser, you must know every site you go to.

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    Default Re: Free Agents: Main Central (10/15/09)

    Prizes are given out next week! Don't skip school to get your prizes!

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