Hello. So, I submitted my first house that I actually tried as best I could. Although I must admit I can't create those amazing art works or awesome creative carnivals and such. But I never tried making a fort before so I thought I would try it.


Where in the Directory?
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House Directory > Search "Zile" OR "Fort"

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A giant purple fort!

How do I get in the fort?
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-A twisted entrance to get to the main doors
-Then you come to the two thrones
-Hidden on either side of the thrones are doors to get into the fort
-There are two guards guarding the door, but you can get threw

What's in it?
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-Hall ways
-"Secret" passage ways
-Grand stair cases
-Hidden rooms
-Twists and Turns
-Giant rooms
-Tall tower

Is it confusing?
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Yes, it's a fort of course it would be!

Are there look out posts?
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Yes, there are two out posts near the beginning and a hallway that connects them

Does it lag?
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Yes, big forts generally lag, but you most likely won't crash

-Thanks for listening