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    Default Fishing quests

    Many people have asked if there are quests for the fishing job. Yes there are.
    Starting with the Sacred Grove Shallows mini game, below are some of the
    fishing job quests.

    Fish found in Sacred Grove Shallows: Flutterfish, slugmud skipper, butter flyfish,
    tickled trout, tangletooth shark, feral catfish, cheery salmon, chipsen fish, and baconfish.

    First quest: Fish or Flowers

    To start - the NPC is Derek

    Derek on the Fish or Flowers quest- he walks around so will have to catch him.
    If you have trouble clicking on him, instead of chasing him, stop in a place
    he passed. He walks all over the mini game area, but he will return to that spot
    you found him at. So just wait and tag him as he approaches.

    He asks you "My best friend Kim hasn't been herself since her kittens
    ran away. Normally when someone's down I send them flowers, but kim
    is allergic to pollen. Maybe a lovely bouquet of cheery salmon
    will put a smile on her face. It's worth a shot."

    If you agree you will need to catch 12 cheery salmon to give as a bouquet.
    The cheery salmon craves the sleek clicker.

    Once you catch the 12 salmon you have to talk to Kim McScuttle
    at Rainbow lake.

    You click on "Fish or Flowers" above her head. She will thank you
    and laugh at a fish boquet. you then go back to Sacred Grove Shallows
    to find Derek and tell him she says thanks.

    I received 120 stars and 36 coins for this quest from Derek.

    - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - -- - -

    quest: Better Bacon Bait

    NPC : Jonah Relicreel -

    on Entering Sacred Grove Shallows, if you take the path going
    west, you come upon Jonah Relicreel with his cart.

    Clicking on him he says " With enough patience, I know I'll catch the big one!
    I have a small problem though. Bacon is too delicious! Every fish will want a nibble.
    I can't run out of bait! You have a knack for reeling in baconfish. Will you help
    me stock up on baconfish!"

    You need to catch 8 large baconfish. Must be large, not extra large.

    The baconfish finds the frenchfry fantastic.

    After catching 8 large baconfish, return to Jonah Relicreel. Jonah Relicreel
    gives you 40 stars and 30 coin.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Quest: Keep It Clean

    NPC: Melanie

    Heading east on the path from John Relicreel, turn right at the rope
    suspension bridge, and go North East. You'll see a small cottage
    with Melanie standing in front, a line of fish on her left.

    When clicked on she says "Doesn't anyone care about clean water anymore?
    No one picks up after themselves! So many people carelessly toss trash in
    the water.

    I can see you're a fisherman who cares. You'll help keep our waters clean,
    won't you?"

    If you agree, the quest is to reel in 3 plastic bags and 3 rusty cans.

    Though there is no bait for plastic bags and rusty cans, you get them
    in treasure chests. Using a Treasure Magnet will get more treasure
    chests with not only treasure, but the trash to complete this quest.

    Once you get the rusty cans and trash bags, return to Melanie.

    your reward from Melanie is 30 stars and 20 coins.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Quest: Shallows: catch of the Day

    NPC: Callie Kelpcake

    If your facing Melanie, turn right and walk to Callie Kelpcake.
    She's dressed as a chef.

    When clicked on she says " The most delicious items on my
    menu are made with fresh fish. Sadly, I'm a cook, not a fisherman!
    I could make it worth your while if you helped me reel in a few
    local fish."

    If you accept, you will need to reel in an extra large flutterfish,
    a large cheery salmon, an extra large butter flyfish, a large
    chipsen fish and a medium slugmud skipper.

    The Flutterfish enjoys frostflies. The cheery Salmon likes the
    sleek clicker. The butter flyfish likes the flyfisher 3000.
    The chipsen fish likes the thorn jig, and the slugmud skipper
    likes the skipper seeker.

    Reward from Callie : 50 stars and 40 coin.
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    Default Re: Fishing quests

    RAINBOW LAKE quests

    Quest: Fish for the fire

    NPC: Clark

    Clark is on the North West side of the lake.
    He stands next to Kent Kippersun the merchant
    that sells scrolls and trinkets.

    Clarks says " This is the perfect camping spot,
    wouldn't ya say?

    We have a nice fire going and a great view. All
    my fellow campers and I need are some Peachy Perch
    to cook over the open flame.

    I'm sure we can make a fair trade if you reel us in
    something tasty!"

    You will need to reel in 6 Peachy Perch. The peachy
    perch prefers the Perch Pinpointer.

    Reward: 30 stars and 15 coins
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Quest: Is it Safe To Swim (repeatable quest)

    NPC: Archie Tingletoes

    Just North East of Clark is the Pixie NPC Archie
    Tingletoes. You should be able to see him as he's
    not far from Clark at all.

    Archie Tingletoes tells you "Every time I try to
    take a dip in the water I feel something nibbling
    at my feet.

    I really like having ten toes, but those calico
    catfish keep trying to chew one off!

    Do you think you could clear them out so it's safe
    to swim?"

    For this you reeel in 6 Calico Catfish.

    The calico catfish prefers the tiny rib.

    Reward: 30 stars and 29 coins.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Quest: Finicky Felines (repeatable quest)

    NPC: Kim McScuttle

    She is located to the north, you will see her
    green dot on the map in the upper right. She's
    at the farm.

    Kim tells you " It must be feeding time again. Of
    course, the cats are nowhere to be found! They tend
    to run off in search of food if I don't feed them on

    I worry though! My cats are worse at catching fish than
    I am!

    You're a fisherman, right? Think you could hook a few
    toothy tetra for me and feed my little fur balls?"

    If you accept you will need to reel in 6 toothy tetra.

    The toothy tetra prefers the savory 16 oz steak.

    The tough part on this one isn't catching the fish,
    but feeding the cats afterwards. You have to travel
    and find the cats and feed each one. There are
    (you guessed it) 6 cats to feed. They are scattered
    over the Rainbow Lake mini game area. The
    cats also tend to move, so you have to tag
    them as they walk.

    Reward: 60 stars and 74 coins
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    Default Re: Fishing quests

    could of been all one post
    Find the Stone Heart Shop here!!!

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    Default Re: Fishing quests

    Its fine that she did two posts, Glad she took the time to put a Guide up.

    TY pavana

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    Default Re: Fishing quests

    Oh wow! What a great guide! Thanks for taking the time to share this! FANTASTIC!

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    Default Re: Fishing quests

    Darklit Lagoon

    Fish found here: Creeping cod, ink cod, purplenosed shark,
    old sole, thorn y trout, golden scaled nettler, and roach

    Quest: The Roach Coach (repeatable quest)

    NPC: Lenny

    Lenny is the first and closest NPC when entering the Darklit
    Lagoon. He's just northwest of your entrance.

    Lenny says

    "The roach loach just aren't biting today!
    This isn't going to be good for business.
    The miners at The Mother Lode will be very
    disappointed if I'm out of their favorite
    lunch item! They pay good coin for those
    tender fishies.

    A little profit sharing might be in your future
    if you can help me reel in a bunch of roach and
    coach loach."

    You will need to reel in 6 roach loach and 6
    coach loach.

    The roach Loach likes Nightcrawlers.

    The coach Loach are not found in the Darklit Lagoon.
    Because of this, after reeling in the roach loach
    you will need to leave and then go to Wintery Basin
    in Snow Hill to finish the quest.

    The coach Loach likes the shiny crankbait.

    After catching 6 coach loach, you leave Wintery
    Basin and return to the Darklit Lagoon and to Lenny.

    Reward: 60 stars and 45 coin

    Each post is for a different fishing area. I"m doing one per night. Thank you for those who are finding these posts useful. Tomorrow night will post for Brambleback's Bayou
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    Default Re: Fishing quests

    Thx for the info Pavana.

    Gabriel Phantomcharm
    <The Great Brotherhood>

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    Default Re: Fishing quests

    Brambleback's Bayou

    Fish found in Brambleback bayou: Cree ping cod, bitter betta,
    golden scaled nettler, globfish, blind swurglefish, fanged
    groupuer, changed salmon, and briar nibbler.

    Quest:Bayou: Catch of the Day (repeatable quest)

    NPC: Gunther

    Gunther is found just slightly Sorth of the exit door.

    He says: "Feeding chugawug soldiers is a fulltime job!
    They scarf fish down faster than I can reel them in.
    I could really use the help of a skilled fisherman, if
    you're not to busy."

    This quest will require you reel in a large cree ping cod,
    a large blind swurglefish, a larged changed salmon, an extra
    large globfish and a large fanged grouper.

    Cree ping cod like the shiny crankbait, blind swurglefish
    likes the savory 16 oz steak, the changed salmon likes the
    french fry, the globfish likes the perch pinpointer and
    the fanged grouper likes the mega slider.

    Reward: Gunther gives you 50 stars and 40 coin for finished
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Quest: Funky Fungus (repeatable quest)

    NPC: Emily Mistmire

    Emily Mistmire is west of the exit and entrance.

    Emily says: "Normally pond dwellers eat plant life.
    in the bayou though, even the fish won't touch the
    funky fungus that grows on the pond's floor.
    No matter how much we try to get rid of the gooey
    green stuff, it always grows back. The fungus is
    worthless, but I'd be happy to reward
    any fisherman that can help clear it out of the bayou."

    You will need to reel in 10 of the funky fungus. They come
    in treasure chests, so the treasure magnet will allow you
    a 10% increase in treasure chests reeled in.

    Reward: 20 stars and 24 coins.
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    Default Re: Fishing quests

    Proud member of <Insiders> Resurgence

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    Default Re: Fishing quests

    Frostbitten Banks

    Quest: A Reel Deal (repeatable quest)

    NPC: Calvin Codscale

    Go North and turn left (NW) just before reaching the bridge.
    Calving Codscale is by the bait card. He is not only an NPC
    but a merchant selling Scrolls and Trinkets. It's just behind
    the tree.

    Calvin says: "I can't keep my fish cart full! The pacu pacu
    flies out of here! The tourists in Snowhill can't get enough.
    Normally I catch all of my own fish, but I see opportunity in
    you. I'll cut you a real deal. Bring me some fish to help
    fill my cart and I'll reward you handsomely."

    This quest requires you reel in 8 pacu pacu.

    The pacu pacu likes the Perch Pinpointer.

    Reward: 34 coins, no stars are awarded for this one.
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