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Title: Fishing Guide

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    Default Fishing Guide

    I'm going to put together a Fishing Guide, please post anything I've missed...

    Fishing Guide


    Sacred Grove Shallows (South of Lakeshore)
    Fish: Flutterfish, slugmud skipper, butter flyfish, ferel catfish, cherry salmon, chipson fish, and baconfish

    Brambleback's Bayou (West Briarwood)
    Fish: Creeping Cod, globfish, blind swurglefish, fanged grouper, changed salmon, & briar nibbler

    Rainbow Lake (North of Lakeshore)
    Fish: Flutterfish, finless fish, peachy perch, calico catfish, lady tetra, and toothy tetra

    Darklit Lagoon (East Briarwood)
    Fish: Creeping cod, ink cod, purplenosed shark, old sole, t***** trout, bitter beta, and roach loach

    Frostbitten Banks (Central Snowhill)
    Fish: Winter Piranha, Chilly Grouper, Blue Thornfish, Talking Bass, Pacu Pacu, Goofy Grouper, and Plattypus

    Wintery Basin (East Snowhill)
    Fish: Winter Piranha, frostgill smelt, coach loach, frozen char, blubracuda, and spineless stickleback


    Archie Tingletoes (inside the Rainbow Lake minigame) gives you "Is it safe to swim" (repeatable) - catch 6 calico catfish (2 tickets, 14 coins, 30 stars)

    Reed Stillwater (next to the Sacred Grove Boat) gives you "testing the waters" quest - catch a flutterfish (3 coins 10 stars).

    Jonah Relicreel (inside the Sacred Grove minigame) gives you "tiny bait" - catch 4 slugmud skippers (cant remember the reward, or the actual name of the quest...)


    Extra large Catch of the Day
    Collect: Extra Large Grouper, Thirnfish, Talking Bass, Goofy Grouper, Plattypus, Flutterfish, Butter Flyfish
    Reward: Talking Bass Trophy

    Wilds Pond Fish
    Collect: Finless Fish, Peachy Perch, Calico Catfish, Lady Tetra, Toothy Tetra, Flutter fish
    Reward: 20 Coins

    Briarwood Pond Fish
    Collect: Ink Cod, Purplenosed Shark, Old Sole, t***** Trout, Bitter Betta, Roach Loach, Creeping Cod
    Reward: 20 Coins

    Wilds Stream Fish
    Collect: Slugmud Skipper, Butter Flyfish, Feral catfish, Cherry Salmon, Chipsen Fish, Baconfish, Flutterfish
    Reward: 20 Coins

    Unusual Stuff

    I caught a Golden Scaled Nettler at Darklit Lagoon even though the minigame doesn't list it as a type of fish you can catch there...

    I caught a plastic bag! (power 1, any job)
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    Default Re: Fishing Guide

    Wow thanks for your effort! By the way, when I was in the Frostbitten Banks, the minigame said I could catch a Frostgill Smelt but I didn't manage to catch any even with the 'Frostflies' lure. I tried for over an hour!
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    Default Re: Fishing Guide

    Excellent guide. I'll be sure to use this while maxing my Fisherman.
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    Default Re: Fishing Guide

    Beautiful job!

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    Default Re: Fishing Guide

    yay thanks 10fingerz!

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    Default Re: Fishing Guide

    Excellent guide! Some things to add ...

    My favorite fished up thing --

    Weildable Globfish. (picture at bottom)

    Collections --

    Briarwood Stream Fish – Catch Globfish, Blind Swurglefish, Fanged Grouper, Changed Salmon, Briar Nibbler, Creeping Cod. Reward: 20c

    Extra Large and in Charge – EL Feral Catfish, EL Baconfish, EL Large Purplenose Shark, EL Globfish, EL Fanged Grouper, EL Briar Nibbler. Reward: Purplenosed Shark Trophy

    Snowhill Pond Fish – Frostgill Smelt, Coach Loach, Blubracuda, Spineless Stickleback, Winter Piranha, Frozen Char. Reward: 20 c

    Snowhill Stream Fish: Chilly Grouper, Blue Thornfin, Talking Bass, Pacu Pacu, Goofy Grouper, Plattypus, Winter Piranha. Reward: 20c

    -- Etc. --

    Small pouches -- Coins (21/22 for me), 2 Treasure Tickets, and various lures (Flyfisher 3000, Frostflies, and Perch Pinpointer, and Sleek Clicker, Tiny Rib) I think it's safe to figure that all the lures will be fished out eventually. I hope it's true of the treasure ones!

    Small Treasure Chest -- Tough Troller Hat / Shirt / Waders / Boots (so far comes in purple, teal, and blue), Simple Bamboo Polls.

    -- Quests --

    There's a quest somewhere that wants 8 Pacu Pacu, but it's just tickets and coins, no stars, though it's repeatable.
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    Default Re: Fishing Guide

    I have a wieldable calico-catfish.
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    Default Re: Fishing Guide

    um lol nice guide
    but you should have maxed your job so you would have had ALL the collections and quests, and the golden scaled netler appeares in rendom places, the only reason is cause its 7 coins per fish, i dontk now about experience
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