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    Icon9 Fight club movie reference?

    I was walking around in blackspore swamp when i stumbled on a closed gate with a ninja with all white guarding it and 3 people facing it standing in a line. The ninja was saying things like *get out of hear your to old to train here!* and *if you don't leave ill get the house and spray all of you* and such things like that. If you have ever seen the movie "Fight Club" when they make the club potential candidates to there *program* would come and stand outside the front door of there building for days at a time withought sleep or food well the leaders came out and said things like *your to old!* or *your to big* or *get off my porch or ill hose all of you* Could it be a refrence to the movie? do we see another game with hidden little references? or is it just a cowinsidance that they say almost the same thing and do almost the same thing? i guess thats for you to decide!

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    Default Re: Fight club movie reference?

    Lol I found that place yesterday too...

    Check out the discussion we have going on over on this thread (Cultural References & Jokes Hidden In Free Realms), we've found at least 2 or 3 other Fight Club references on top of this one, along with many other little hidden tidbits in the game.

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    Default Re: Fight club movie reference?

    Action movies are so interesting. Whom movie in fight those movies I like.,.,

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