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    Default A few things to report.

    So I posted on Toonbook (A Facebook for old Toontown players; mind you, Toontown was closed down in the summer), that Free Realms had just closed down, and everyone said that we are in their thoughts, and that they're upset that we are in the same position they were just in months ago.

    Speaking of Toontown, they are making a rewritten version that is currently in Alpha mode right now, and they're getting a lot done. It looks like it could be successful, so if you want, just search it up on Google.

    I want everyone to have more great memories with really good games, and Toontown Rewritten might just be for you. I know Toontown was a HUGE game in my life - I'm talking from seven years old to twelve, and then my parents stopped paying for membership so I stopped playing. OH YEAH! TOONTOWN REWRITTEN WON'T HAVE YOU PAYING FOR ANYTHING!!!

    That's basically it. I still feel pretty empty right now so it's tough not seeing my character anymore. Anyways, toodaloo!

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    Default Re: A few things to report.

    Yesssss, I haven't joined ToonBook yet but I'm planning to. I can't wait for it to come out publicly!!
    mellllll I will see you again bb :')
    contact me on discord - lexi#3996

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    Default Re: A few things to report.

    I have joined it! But the site is constantly having problems. >_< Add me! I am Silly Max Fizzlepocket

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