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Title: Exposing Funny FR NPCs

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    Default Exposing Funny FR NPCs

    I don't think that many noticed that there are many funny and odd NPCs scattered all of FR. And as the game will be shutting down, which has been repeated about a quadrillion times, I thought that maybe we should appreciate all the random and funny NPCs in FR. Here's a selfie I took with one, par example:
    And pose _Fotor.jpg
    ~ I wish everyone the best as they depart from the lovely world and community of Free Realms ~

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    Default Re: Exposing Funny FR NPCs

    The mighty Osgood
    he's so qt
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    contact me for my disc

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    Default Re: Exposing Funny FR NPCs

    You know what was a funny NPC? The one that said that soon coins would be worthless. Haha! That certainly was a funny joke by SOE. Everyone laughed so hard that they quit the game. It was good times all around.
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    Default Re: Exposing Funny FR NPCs

    It's just me & Samwell =)
    bandicam 2014-02-19 21-44-26-462.jpg
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    Love food.

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