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    Default Explore The Den Of Secrets

    Located just north of Merry Vale, the happiest town in all of Free Realms, there is a dark and creepy set of caves. The locals call it the “Den of Secrets”.

    Over the years many Merry Vale citizens have gone missing. Some believe the missing may have ended up in the Den of Secrets. Adventurers have gone seeking answers...but never returned! That is because the caves are guarded by Shamblers.

    If you speak to some of the vendors around Merry Vale you will find more rumors about these mysterious and dangerous caves. Of course Mayor McFairy says there is nothing to worry about...but he would say that, wouldn’t he?

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    Default Re: Explore The Den Of Secrets

    i always thot merry vale was a kewl place, then i did the quest line. to get it, speak to the first person with a quest you see from the southern entrance. and a friendly tip for merry vale, NEVER EAT THE COTTON CANDY THE FAIRYS WANT TO GIVE YOU!
    I quit...

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