ello! So i always have a hard time figuring out where everything is on my profile when I try to edit it -_- takes around 20min just to do everything when it really should only take 5.
so maybe this will help me and you. Below are screenshots of my profile, in the editing page that pops up you'll see I have colors like "In yellow" next to certain sections. If perhaps one says In yellow, scroll down and look for yellow circles (yeah yeah, sorry bout my lazy circles) nd that is what that section options will change...hopefully that makes sense. ok so i'm REALLY sorry about the picture size...one of my biggest pet peeve's are when theres HUGEEEEEE unnecessary pics everywhere. but, if I tried to make it smaller the text came out really blurry & choppy and you couldn't see anything I hope I could help ya, good luck!

profile 1.png
profile pg 2.png