1) Sometimes if you need to complete main ('parent')
quest and you don't care about completing the objective
inside the dungeon, you can run through with health potions
and 'recovers'. For examples, this worked for me in
Snarling Hedges instance, where I had to prune 6 hedges.

2) Some mobs can be single pulled - use 'body pull' to
get mob angry at you, then pull back to avoid adds.

3) The 'harder than average' mobs appear more likely
to aggro when you are close enough to see their name tag.
The brighter is the tag, the more likely aggro.

4) Look at damage popups to make sure your AE attacks are
hitting every mob you want - sometimes you need to re-position

5) When 'parent' quest has collection element, then nodes
will show in green on mini-map.

6) If you have two 'parent' quests for the same instance,
you get credit for both of them as you run through it.

7) In one of the Snowhill instances, there is a place
where you get attacked by a buhch of normal mobs and a boss.
You can split this group by jumping down the cliff -
only boss will follow.

In easy mode instances, AE attack usually auto-kills.

9) If unused HP powerups remain on the floor, try luring
mobs toward them so you can recharge mid-fight.

10) If you run low on HP potions while inside an instance,
you can buy them from Coin Shop without leaving.

11) Having several hotkeys linked to HP potions seems
to decrease their recharge time.

12) It appears that some (all?) dungeons are timed - even though
timer doesn't show up until you have several minutes left
to complete the goal.

13) After you get knocked and recover, the mobs won't attack
you for few seconds - use this time to get out of aggro range.

14) When fighting multiple mobs, use HP potion as soon
as your health drops to 70%.
Medium potion restores ~50% health - and since mobs
are still attacking you, that will add up to a 100%.

15) Melee mobs appear to attack while they still look
to be out of range - press your '1' attack while they
are still moving toward you.

16) When pulling a group, use your '1' attack until
all mobs are close enough for AE '2' attack.

17) When instance is diffucult, wait for AE attack to recharge
before attacking next group.

1 Monster den - don't rush it when there are mobs
still around it. Kill the group, then approach the den
to kill off the den itself and new spawns.

19) If you tab out to check Web while in instance,
be aware that some mobs roam and can find you in
what appears to be a safe spot.

Anya Tinybuzz