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Title: disconnected?

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    Default disconnected?

    I've gotten disconnected a few times today almost right when I logged on for no reason. Has this happened to anyone else? It's pretty annoying.
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    Default Re: disconnected?

    It's been happening to me since about 5pm.

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    Default Re: disconnected?

    it happened to me multiple times too, it was really annoying . . .
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    Default Re: disconnected?

    It happened to me twice today...once when I was just standing around at the Insider Rock, then the 2nd time I was running around near the Wildwood Speedway when I got disconnected again. Even after the "you were disconnected" screen popped up, my character kept running forward..& through a fence...o_o then when I re-opened FR I ended up in Blackspore somehow.

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