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    Default Creepy Construct and Floral Shard in action

    I took a video of the Floral Flair Shard from freerealms Comic #11. Its really awesome.

    Also the in the video it shows what you get for collecting issues number 9-12. You get a Creepy Construct pet pal, that looks like a half ghost wearing the ninja armor that you get in the rest of the comics, And you also get a Construct caller that you can use in battle to call your Construct to help you in battle. Heres the link to the video so enjoy.

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    Default Re: Creepy Construct and Floral Shard in action

    Oh very nice. I love that shard. So pretty. I can't wait to see one of those pets in game.... very interesting.

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    Default Re: Creepy Construct and Floral Shard in action

    But wait... I thought 11 and 12 were the ninja hakama and boots? I'm kind of confused, since they're missing.

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