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    Default Count - Down To Fan Faire!

    It's almost here! FAN FAIRE 2010!!! I've started this thread to count down to the day it starts!

    Days Till Fan Faire: 22 days.

    My predictions (feel free to post your own!): They shall announce the release date of sunstone valley and the Druid Job! They will also announce a raise in the level cap, and a new race: Dwarves!


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    Default Re: Count - Down To Fan Faire!

    maybe...or they could point out that most of the new stuff that was heard of is just rumors or...being delayed even more.
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    Default Re: Count - Down To Fan Faire!

    The might release a new area but i think a Druid Job is for another update, because that would be a lot of work.
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    Default Re: Count - Down To Fan Faire!

    YAY I wish I could go but I live in the UK .I would love for someone to go and take loads of photos and stuff for us all back at insiders!

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    Default Re: Count - Down To Fan Faire!

    22 days? Maybe I can play Free Realms by then...

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    Default Re: Count - Down To Fan Faire!

    Oh boy! I wish so bad I could go to this. Maybe next year...
    I wonder if anyone from FRI is going? I hope so.. I too would love to see lots of pics and maybe some video. Can't wait to hear all about it.

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    Default Re: Count - Down To Fan Faire!

    Well Pex/Floyd/Scarlet (I Dont Remember) Said They would be Doing 2 Booths at Fan Faire'10 and WOuld be SHowing Teaser Photos of Sunstone and They Would Try to post them on the Forums. So Hopefully They Post them =)

    Ps.If Anybody Could Find the Quote That Would be Great! I seen it on the Forums a Couple weeks ago I'll Look around for it and Post it if i find it =)

    PSS.Found a Quote by Floyd (Lead Animator)~I'm also on the Behind the Scenes with SOE Artists panel. I plan on using new characters for my panels, rather than characters that everyone has seen before. There are also Q&A sessions during the panels, so be sure to ask away then.

    PSSS.Found the Quote! it Is By Floyd Check it out~At Fan Faire this year, I'll be doing two panels: one of my own, and as part of a larger panel. I'm planing on showing some 100% new characters from Sunstone Valley during the panels.
    Maybe I'll see if I can get some stuff up on the forums after that.

    New Characters Eh? Cool ^_^
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