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    Default Cool house idea

    Hi insiders, are you tired of throwing a party and dont get to actually party because you have to keep sending invites to friends one at a time? My idea is that the game developers need to create a invite all button for our houses so we can just party and talk with our friends and just click one button for the invites.
    I have told this idea to the game developers but they will not put this into action unless many more players ask for it. Please reply to this thread if you like my idea so we can get many more people interested in it and they might make the invite all to house button.

    Also, if you have a house item idea for the game tell us what it is and we will support you.
    Richard IceDragon"The Blue Dragon"

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    Default Re: Cool house idea

    Yah sounds like a good idea! I support this!
    Colby Steellight
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