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    Default Congratulations Thread

    This is exactly what you think it is. Have you completed an achievement? Have you gotten to a big amount of posts? If you'd like, post here your achievement, level up, new friend, and anything involving Free Realms and FRI. I think it would be a nice idea since all of you like to congratulate other people, and feel warm inside when you did something ^^

    I'll start first: I just got an Amplifier shard (+13 stars) on the wheel! Yay ^^

    Note: This isn't a place to spam. Please don't come here every day congratulating random people and posting random achievements. It's fine to come here twice a week and say you leveled up, completed a collection or so. Thank you.
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    Default Re: Congratulations Thread

    Congrats, Keith!

    Where you stop is where you start again.
    Celestina Corinne

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    Default Re: Congratulations Thread

    Yay Congrats! Never even heard of that shard before.. haven't paid much attention on them though..

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    Default Re: Congratulations Thread

    Congratulations, Keith. I always wanted that shard so badly and I haven't gotten one yet.

    I'd gotten Goth Coat from my monthly membership TCG (Trading Card Game, for those who don't know) pack! I think I was lucky because I can never be a member!
    Torak Lin ö(◕.◕)ö

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    Default Re: Congratulations Thread

    i got this like too weeks ago but i got the useful keys collection completed so i got black spore cloths! XD
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    plz to tell this to any mom, dad, anty, uncle, frog, hobo! cause i want to make ppl less dumb every day.

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    Default Re: Congratulations Thread

    Congratz guys, nice doing that, and nice on persisting
    Renegade is going great!

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    Default Re: Congratulations Thread

    Congradulations everyone! Oooh! And Savannah is a new <Insiders> member!

    "Sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast."


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