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    Default Clearing the Air about the Cyber Attack on SOE

    Apparently some of you are not getting the Customer Service Notification when attempting to log in, so I will post the major points here as well as my commentary;

    Our ongoing investigation of illegal intrusions into Sony Online Entertainment systems has discovered that hackers may have obtained personal customer information from SOE systems. We are today advising you that the personal information you provided us in connection with your SOE account may have been stolen in a cyber-attack. Stolen information includes, to the extent you provided it to us, the following: name, address (city, state, zip, country), email address, gender, birthdate, phone number, login name and hashed password.

    These hackers are not interested in stealing your in-game items, no-one is going to log into 26 million accounts and transfer your sport shades or your milk gloves, you can rest easy!

    They were interested in stealing the credit card numbers associated with your accounts. They were able to steal this information from the Playstation Network, but was unable to get that information from SOE except in the case of some old accounts numbers from certain customers in Germany, Austria, Netherlands and Spain.

    If you live in these countries, you will be notified that your information was compromised via email and that email will contain either '' or '' in the sender field.

    For your security, we encourage you to be especially aware of email, telephone, and postal mail scams that ask for personal or sensitive information. Sony will not contact you in any way, including by email, asking for your credit card number, social security number or other personally identifiable information. If you are asked for this information, you can be confident Sony is not the entity asking.

    What you can expect is a whole lot of junk email over the next several months, as they will probably sell your email addresses, names, age, etc to other low lifes that will try to scam you. Be VERY careful over the next several months, DO NOT open mail from people you do not know, and NEVER open any attachments on ANY emails until you have verified that the sender is the one that actually sent it (meaning you should pick up the phone and call them and ask "did you send me this attachment". There are several viruses that can send emails from a persons account so that it appears your friend sent the email when really it was the virus).

    You can also expect a lot of junk mail in your mail box, mass mailing companies would love a list of 26 million SOE subscribers with names, ages, and addresses, etc.

    And lastly, a lot of telemarketing calls. If your phone number was associated with your SOE account, then again, there are companies out there that pay lots of money for lists of this sort.

    There is no evidence that our main credit card database was compromised. It is in a completely separate and secured environment.

    Even so, I still suggest you delete your credit cards associated with your accounts. I did this on the 20th when I heard about the attack on the PSN.

    In the future, if you need to make a purchase with a credit card, add it, make the purchase, then delete it.

    To protect against possible identity theft or other financial loss, we encourage you to remain vigilant, to review your account statements and to monitor your credit reports.

    If you are under the age of 18, be sure to tell your parents what happened as well so they can monitor there credit cards for the next several months, JUST IN CASE!

    When SOE's services are fully restored, we strongly recommend that you log on and change your password. Additionally, if you use your Station or SOE game account name or password for other unrelated services or accounts, we strongly recommend that you change them, as well.

    Follow the normal "secure password" suggestions, i.e. Use both upper and lower case, use both numbers and letters, and make it something someone wont easily guess.

    If you use the same password as you did for free realms for other things, go ahead and change those passwords now as well.

    We greatly appreciate your patience, understanding and goodwill as we do whatever it takes to resolve these issues as quickly and efficiently as practicable.

    SOE is NOT closing, Free Realms WILL return just as soon as they are comfortable that steps are taken to enhance security and strengthen their network infrastructure to insure they provide us with greater protection of our personal information.

    I hope this helps quell the rumor mill.

    Sony is not the first company that this has happened to, and will not be the last.

    In the information age, just as in the bronze age, there are bad people in the world who wish to take advantage of us and have no qualms about stealing what they want.

    Sony is not to blame, these unscrupulous hackers are.

    Hopefully, we'll see ya in-game soon!

    Dorian Silvervale & Baron Von Boomer

    Her Majesty's Secret Service

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    Default Re: Clearing the Air about the Cyber Attack on SOE

    Thanks Dorian, very helpful post and hopefully this will calm a lot of people down a bit.
    I would also like to add, if you do not need to pay with a credit card and have the option to use Paypal instead or a game card then this is highly recommended. I only ever use my credit card when no other options are available. In my case I only used my credit card to pay for lifetime.

    However, I have been a member of SOE for many years, even being part of the 2007 credit card database. Though this does not matter as those credit cards have long expired by now.

    Nevertheless, SOE will be back online soon. I am quite certain that they will return before the weekend, stay tuned. Keep track of their Twitter and Facebook as it seems they post there first.

    The links:
    SOE | Facebook
    Sony Online Ent. (SonyOnline) on Twitter

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    Default Re: Clearing the Air about the Cyber Attack on SOE

    Best thing for anyone to do who uses cards for the game is get a new credit card and cancel the old one... Like if it were stolen and basically that's what it is if they got that information...Other than that it couldn't hurt to change the password if anyone is leery of that and keep an eye on scams via phone or mail ... None of that is hard to do to protect yourself further due to this intrusion. As for personal information like name , city, birthday ect... That's all out there anyway, you just have to protect yourself from people who will take advantage of that information via e-mail, snail mail or phone calls tryin'a scam you for money and such acting like they know who you are... It's mostly how they'd go about taking advantage of that information.
    But imagine how many people will and already have bought into this persons rant and then start blaming Sony for this persons crime and the lawsuits that will potentially come to them from this by thinking that way and it just does what the hacker wants ... Much like beating a kid up for wearing glasses and tellin' him it's his fault cuz he wore glasses and tryin'a to convince everyone of that... It's asinine...
    <--- This is pretty much two of my previous comment combined that were made on another thread ... Very glad to see someone else out there who says the same thing.. Thank you for trying to bring things into perspective.. I'll gladly give you a soapbox whenever you want one XD !!!
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