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    Default Claire Goldenbeach's Fans

    Post something to this tread if you are one of Claire Goldenbeache's fans! You could post what ever you want. But post ONLY if you are a Claire fan. Claire Can post as many times as she wants (If she see this).

    We will have a website soon!
    It will be Called,

    Hope you are a freerealmsinsider fan and a Claire Goldenbeach fan. (If any of you know her, try to get her to visit and post Something. That would be really awesome).

    Monthly contest: The 100th post will will and in-game item! Become friends with Clairefan001

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    Default Re: Claire Goldenbeach's Fans

    Dear, dear dear, Dear. I think everybody knows it's nearly impossible to not be a fan of Claire Goldenbeach! This thread obviously needed to be created, and who isn't a fan of claire? Only people who don't know her. And what about all the other staff members? They're pretty great too. Plus, once you've been to one of Claire's parties, you'll realize that it's the best kind of party in the realms! Good luck with this thread! And um... Looks like I didn't spell anything wrong.


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    Default Re: Claire Goldenbeach's Fans

    While I am truly flattered by the gesture, there is no need for a thread like this. I'm just an everyday FR character like the rest of you.

    Please don't go to the work of setting up another site. I'll go ahead and close this thread. Thanks and have fun!

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