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    Default Brawler level 19.

    I'm on level 19 for my Brawler and it takes forever to level up, I'm really not getting anywhere anytime soon. Does anyone have any references or advice to give me on how to get through it faster?

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    Default Re: Brawler level 19.

    A super star scroll.
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    Default Re: Brawler level 19.

    Train repeatedly with those Contract quests that are available to you through the questlines.
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    Default Re: Brawler level 19.

    I think the leveling spots are either Tormented Spirits or the Tavern cellar.
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    Default Re: Brawler level 19.

    All the enemies you defeat give the same amount of EXP. Bnbn is on the right track, doing level 1 battles is one of the fastest ways to train. Regardless of what you do, though, it's going to take a while.
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