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    Icon2 Brand New Ask-A-Dev Video For January

    Just wanted to make a quick post about this: The newest Ask-A-Dev video just went up!

    Click over to for the low-down.

    Here's some highlights
    -New stuff are coming to the SC and coin shops... That's a given, of course, but nothing specific has been mentioned. New housing, pets, and wearables has been mentioned, but those are expected anyways.
    -More housing in other locations in the realms looks to be coming down the line, but nothing specific from the video. Just a little hint of what's to come
    -Devs are clearly impressed with what's been made so far, citing creations from the likes of our own Kaden and other fun things from the community. And yes: More housing stuff is on the way. again, Nothing specific from the video.
    -It also appears that I finally didn't get a question in for an Ask-A-Dev video. well, There goes my streak!

    The rest of the questions aren't news-breaking things, just casual questions about what the devs did and their thoughts.

    Overall, it looks like SOE is going to do monthly ask-a-dev videos with no real topic according to the long-term ask-a-dev post a while back, so get askin'!

    Don't forget to keep sending in your questions to guys! You might get your question answered in the next video!
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    I am lost

    Spoiler: show

    Thanks Free Realms Lead Animator Floyd Bishop for the the animated signature!

    Your new Free Realms content has been delayed...

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    Default Re: Brand New Ask-A-Dev Video For January

    Status: Quit FR since I never liked FR at all. Will probably not post anymore.

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    Default Re: Brand New Ask-A-Dev Video For January

    Go World Designers! You make me a lore-junkie.

    Thanks for the update Nymo

    (Link to deviantArt)


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