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    Default Bounce longer!

    I have found out that when you bounce on a launch pad for longer you go higher. I have only noticed this on a SMALL Launch Pad.
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    Default Re: Bounce longer!

    Really that is cool!
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    Default Re: Bounce longer!

    Yeah we know at my Briarwood lot I had a party and I put my Medium Launch Pad out and then some people dropped those cakenstein sample cakes and we could stand on them at MAXIMUM HEIGHT! Meaning the launch pad actually took us to maximum height!

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    Default Re: Bounce longer!

    Whoa Cool! Im gonna go check this out!
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    Default Re: Bounce longer!

    yep, yep, I have a chimney that you go up, and you use a launch pad to get out of it, I find I have to sometimes bounce for few moment before it will take me high enough to get out.

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    Default Re: Bounce longer!

    I have noticed this at Vero's house.
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    Default Re: Bounce longer!

    All Launch Pads do that, I think. I'm sure that the Launch Pad at the Snowhill Playground was doing that.
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    Default Re: Bounce longer!

    i noticed this at Blue Gem its rlly kool
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    Icon6 Re: Bounce longer!


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