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    Default Birthday-Maintenance

    Looks like the game will be experiencing some maintenance for it's birthday.

    According to the announcement, it will be around 10 PM Pacific and can last up to 2 hours, though it can always go longer.

    I'm having trouble logging into the site, anybody else? Anyone still logged in in-game?

    I wonder what this update has in store...
    I am lost

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    Default Re: Birthday-Maintenance

    I thought they were doing the birthday stuff in installments. maybe this is part two of the birthday stuff?

    Most likely it'll be SC items

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    Default Re: Birthday-Maintenance

    it doesnt say they're doing anything. but i cant login for some reason. :\
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    Default Re: Birthday-Maintenance

    about half an hour ago, I got 404 errors for the login page.
    Now, the login page is up but rejects my login --- hope I didn't try too many times.
    Anybody know if there's a lock out after faild logins?

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    Default Re: Birthday-Maintenance

    I cant login i wonder what update is coming?

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    Default Re: Birthday-Maintenance

    Aha, I thought there would be a maintenance today!
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    Default Re: Birthday-Maintenance

    Beetle bugs are now in SC market and a new Squirrel pet pal in the coin shop! wooohoo!

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    Default Re: Birthday-Maintenance

    Oh boy, oh boy!!! I love that we can buy squirrels!!!

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