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    Default Best spots for training

    Anyone want to share your best spots for leveling battle jobs?

    For me, from level 1-5 I always find the yeti resort to be amazeing, expecially for ninja

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    Default Re: Best spots for training

    For 1-5 i do recommend what you have done

    5-10 i recommend that again lol

    10-15 Howling hills (Shrouded glade i think) The to Forest troll fort

    15+ i recommend Forest troll fort

    (Link to deviantArt)


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    Default Re: Best spots for training

    you're right they are i would say.brawlers let's think ummm the robgoblin people near that race way for levels 1-5.then robgoblin mage people near that zoo. thats how far i got im a level 7 brawler and a level 18 pet trainer. join my guild pet legend pet fans if you want pet legend members:3 or 4 so eh join i guess

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