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    Icon2 Best Memories In 09

    Free Realms has gone through a LOT this year, and granted this is just Free Realms' first year! why, It hasn't even been a 'year', rather just 8 months!

    Still, so much has happened, and I'm sure there's some memories from the game that stuck with you! Be it memories of events in game, doing something for the first time, or more personal things like maybe you got sick and stayed in to play or just hanging out with friends.

    Thinking about it now, for me, there's just simply too many memories. From little things like hanging out with friends, referees, and the ambassadors, to events like the One Million party under the Snowhill tree or waiting to watch The Dares perform 'live' with the huge crowd waiting around the stage at Snowhill (again), to things like staying up late for the updates and talking with friends while I wait. why, Even the launch of the game was a great memory; Just coming in with everyone else when the game opened up and being greeted by staff.

    So many memories: But what about you? What memories stick out to you this year?

    If you need to refresh your thoughts on ALL that happened this year, check out my wrap-up , which comes in parts one and two (yep, it's that long!)

    Thanks for sharing your memories, and here's to a bunch more in 2010!
    Have a happy, fun, and safe New Year, everyone!
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    Default Re: Best Memories In 09

    Call me crazy or forgetful (crazy would probably fit better), but I'll likely forget all about FreeRealms in a few months time. Nothing in my mind really sticks out, except maybe how long it took for my trophies to be updated while they lasted.
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    Default Re: Best Memories In 09

    My best memories of Free Realms 2009 would be attending two fun FR house parties.

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    Default Re: Best Memories In 09

    I am like you.. there are many many many fun memories that occurred this year. I have never played a game like this with people on line so the whole experience has been just amazing for me. As I played this game, the emotional transition was interesting. I remember coming into the game the first time and was so overwhelmed. People left and right started asking me to be their friend. I rejected everybody because I had no idea what I was doing! LOL Now, I find that I am the one befriending people and helping them out and I never reject anyone's friend request.

    I am thinking over the past, for me, five months and it is fun thinking about all the new experiences that played out. There were so many frustrations, like Cloe's bags and the Ninja quest to run through the zoo and thanks to the great people here on FRI I was finally able to complete them with a great deal of satisfaction and happiness. Finally having my own guild name <INSIDERS> over my head was over the top in excitment and actually figuring out how to play the TCG game felt like such a great accomplishment for me. LOL I am actually teaching others to play now! TOO FUN!!!

    I could probably write a book about all the fun and exciting things that I have experienced in FR so I better just end here but I have to say I don't think my experiences on FR would have been near as enjoyable and I know I probably would have stopped playing by now if it weren't for Free Realms Insider. I am about to get really sappy so that will be it for now!

    Happy New Year to all at Free Realms and those here on FRI!

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