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    Icon4 banned from Free Realms

    okay. I've been banned from Free Realms. they closed my acct. They said i was saying rude words and stuff like that. i got suspended one time in january and i got reported again for some reason. i dont remember doing anything wrong. Iv'e spent so much money on this game and they're gonna bann me? This isnt right. Cant they just suspend me. I mean iv'e spent sooooo much money on the game. This seems really un fair. can someone please help me out with Customer support? IDK what to do. i cant play anymore. This really sucks. i love this game. and i get banned for no reason.
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    Default Re: banned from Free Realms

    That's ridiculous. I really hope you get your account back.

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    Default Re: banned from Free Realms

    aww.sorry to hear that.. if youre doubtful as to what you did, you should sent a ticket and ask what words where you saying that were rude to others.. they actually have records of got a warning from them also many months back, didnt know how was i rude, so i sent a ticket asking what i said or did wrong, and they sent me a copy of the chat messages i made.=)

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    Default Re: banned from Free Realms

    Aww..that's terrible and ridiculous news. Did they ever warn you in the first place? We hope you get your account back.
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    Default Re: banned from Free Realms


    You definitely need to send a ticket in and ask Customer Support for more details. I'm sure they'll provide you with good reasons if there are any.

    Good luck!

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