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    Default Banks: A discussion with referees

    Customer By Web Form (hhhenry soe)12/04/2012 11:55 AM Guys, your bank doesn't store what I NEED stored -- rides and pets! Anything else I can just ignore but paging thru rides and pets I don't want, can't sell, and can't get rid of is a PAIN! So is going to my house with a bunch of petpals I never wanted. To be useful, to clean up anything else, I need at least 2500 and increments of 500, if not larger, not 25. Referee Orange here to help you out! Wow! That's a wonderful idea to put in some sort of Stable or Pet Hotel to store a players numerous pets. I will send your suggestion to our Developers for consideration, although I can not guarantee that this idea will be implemented. Thanks for the great suggestion! What exactly do you mean when you say, "I need at least 2500 and increments of 500, if not larger, not 25."?! : ) I've been on FR since May 2009. I've got 114 shoes!! I could not possibly wear them all - I don't have 114 feet!!I need storage for thousands and thousands of items from clothes, collections, etc or just ignore them. TCG cards, in quantities would help. Yes, I could trade them but to whom? How many Mauthas does any one want? They are in the way when deck building but I can't dump them. Smaller storage would be useful for lots/houses to avoid paging too. Referee Lapis here to help you today! I have to admit the thought of you with 57 little feet on each side of your body made me fall off my chair laughing! Poor Mojo came running over, most concerned for me! I also think it is utterly amazing that you have been with us right since the beginning of Free Realms. Wow, I bet you have seen a lot of changes! I completely see your problem. You need around 2,500 spaces for storage total, but you want them in increments of 250 at a time, yes? And you really need to be able to store lots, pets and rides, which the Bank cannot do. I think the idea of Pet Kennels for storing pets, and Stables for rides is utterly awesome! Maybe all they need to do is put in a special bank slot for those items so you can store them there. I do have a suggestion for you for your unwanted pets to prevent them running all over your Lots and houses when you go into them. If in Decorating Mode you hit the Options button at the end of the decorating bar, you can Hide Pets just as easily as you can Hide Flora and set other options there. That way you will not have a river of pets cascading out around you as you go into each house or lot. Mind you, you will have to do this in each house and lot! Thank you for the wonderful image of you with 114 little tap dancing feet, all in different pairs of shoes. First, I don't need lots of slots for pets and rides - the 25 would do As for all the other, how about you access my file and see just how many different items I have -- I have no idea but I think storing some significant part would require how many slots? BTW, if you are thinking of Stables (stables for zambonies, bikes, and 8 balls??? -- perhaps stables and a garage. You might even make them parts of houses!) and Pet hotels (they could be at houses too). I think weapons racks for your home would be wonderful!!! I would certainly pay for them, even at one for each job.Referee Lapis here to help you again tonight. You really have your Ideas cap on now, don't you? I never really thought you had too many rides. Hmm, I think you are saying what amounts to some kind of banking attached to a house for the pets and rides you don't want to use. That's really clever indeed! Again, I will absolutely pass on these ides right now as I think they are excellent.
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    Default Re: Banks: A discussion with referees

    Your suggestions are nice but they are kind of far fetched. There isn't more any SOE employee can say after this:-

    Silyus -
    Creative Director, Free Realms
    Thanks for the feedback everyone. We are looking at it and will be making some adjustments based on your reactions here. Our goal was certainly not to be stingy. This feature is meant to alleviate the mess that your inventory can easily turn into.

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