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    Default Attention Players!

    Yo Wazzup,Hi,Hello,G'Day Players I Zonic have Come here to Ask a Special Request to Those Who Visted Fan Faire

    The Person Known as Floyd Was Quite Evil Today As he Released this post about OLD CLOTHING
    "This topic came up during some of our panels, and we talked about what we have planned. Rather than tell you what went down, I'll leave that to some of the forum posters that were there to report themselves."

    and Then again he Posted
    "I just got back from Vegas, and I wanted to say a quick "thanks" to everyone who made it to the Free Realms panels this year. We had a great turn out, and I really enjoyed talking to some of the players. It was great to put some faces to names.
    I'll leave it to those who were there to fill in everyone else on what we talked about"

    Now My Request Would be Could ya leak the Info that was Stated?
    Who Else Wants to Know the Info i Require?
    The wind blows as emptiness covers the streets.
    The ghost of friends new and old are gone.
    Where have they gone?

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    Default Re: Attention Players!

    Oh ok thanks for the info

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