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    Default Anyone noticed?

    On the far right of downtown sanctuary/pixie wood(on the right of the new years eve ball) near Jacques bar(and by "near" I mean right on the side of it), there's two dwarfs near an opened tunnel(three inside of it). The end(well, the last visible part) of the tunnel is blocked by a locked door. If you go near it, you can see the name of an..NPC or location on the atlas, it's titled "Treva Sunfern" if you hover over it with your mouse.

    Did I miss an update? Or was this always there?

    Edit: Apparently, the tunnel is where the Pixiewood sign is located, the place you can get from talking to the party planner in Sanctuary. Guess I never noticed.

    Edit: I see another thread for this, so it must be new.
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