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    Icon5 Any new things?

    The last time I played is when the squid boss was out, and I haven't been playing for a while. I want to know if they added anything new or if there any things happening FR? I won't be on Free Realms until October so I just need to know.
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    Default Re: Any new things?

    not so much new stuff since the squid boss came out excep monthly member stuff, the SOE Live shirt, and new items in the sc shop.

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    Default Re: Any new things?

    Currently, the scheduled update is happening, and Shock mentioned on the official forums that this update will be adding a new item (probably the next combiner ride... the Blast Rover), and npc coin shop merchants! These merchants will be like the ones from the good old days where you will have to explore to find them. They will be selling different goodies, so might be fun to find them all ^^

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