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Title: Another Guide by TFT

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    Default Another Guide by TFT

    2day i tell u how to be successful music vid maker on fr

    1) buy an extremely expensive internet camera so u can be th3 b3sttt

    2) buy an editor thing-a-ma-jig

    3) get on fr u lazy bum

    4) take footage of urself doing a bunch of random emotes becuz ur not creative enough to think of anything original

    5) make the music some popular song that gets played on the radio about 24/7

    6) make it spin about a dozen times and change colors just so you can seem original even though it's been done on the other 100s of fr music videos

    7) upload that thang on your channel

    credit it to your productions that probably ends in "cinemas" because you can't form an original thought and choose the other dozen synonyms for "cinemas"

    9) spam that thing on pretty much every popular site bcuz otherwise people wouldn't care

    10) watch as the views/subscribers increase

    11) watch as they steadily decrease because you're not beastcam, chicka2b2b, redcardinal14, TheFerluxia2, or Snowhill Cinemas

    12) cry
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    Default Re: Another Guide by TFT

    What a great guide! It makes me want to run out and make a video, but I'm lazy, so I'll just post a picture, but I'm lazy, so I'll just make a comment. What a great guide!
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    Default Re: Another Guide by TFT

    Very useful.

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