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Title: annoying audio glitch...

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    Default annoying audio glitch...

    i would go to the beach and hear loud water crashing, then i would go to a totally different place with no water and i could still hear waves, it annoys me a lot to the point where i cant go to seaside anyone more because of the annoying waves. they just play extra loud any where else, and i try to walk away instead of fast travel, but i still hear it.

    anyone else have the same problems?
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    Default Re: annoying audio glitch...

    Yeah, I noticed it yesterday. I just muted all the sound and it solves the problem. Or you could listen to music. That drowns out the waves. I don't really mind it though. I think it's kind of relaxing.
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    Default Re: annoying audio glitch...

    i too do and now i see what not i only take that

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    Default Re: annoying audio glitch...

    you go to settings and turn off the affect volume
    than you hear regular noise unless if you are in combat

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