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    Default Achievements and Guild/Name Changes

    Posted on the FROF:

    At the start of the change to requiring tokens for custom names, we knew that it was going to meet resistance. Any time you modify a service, no matter your intentions, you make some people unhappy. The goal of the change was to reduce time used to approve character names for unused and underused characters as well as reducing the frequency that players were able to change guild names. It was also done to help recover some of the cost associated with name approval process.

    After the change went live, it was clear that players - even existing players that, on paper, the change should have had no effect on - had little love for it. Several suggestions were submitted about ways to allow players to earn the name change tokens, but none seemed to surface that felt quite right.

    After some reflection and much forum reading, we knew that we didn't want to negatively impact players that were dedicated to the game. Luckily we have a system devoted to rewarding player dedication - the achievement system!

    With that in mind, I would like to introduce 2 new achievements coming to you with the Hero Rises - Seaside update:
    ...And So It Begins - Granted to players who complete the tutorial (Briarheart Palace portion of the Cobblestone Village chapter). Players that earn this achievement are granted 1 free Character Name Change scroll.
    Natural Born Leader - Granted to players who reach level 15 in any job (the requirement for guild creation). Reaching this milestone awards the player with 1 free Guild Name Change scroll.
    This change should continue to greatly decrease the number guild and character name changes that come in each day, but still allow players some degree of creativity when creating a character or guild for the first time.

    As always, I appreciate the valuable feedback we receive from you gals and guys every day, and I look forward to hearing what you think about the new achievements.
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    Default Re: Achievements and Guild/Name Changes

    Nik-Nak posted this, for all of those who wanted to know.

    I like the direction there going, all I really can say.
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