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    Default バイバイ..

    Ok guys, Im officially quiting this Site. I be in the Official Forum now.. I still loves the staff who helped me. I be online on here for watching any auction or Updates.. maybe not, cuz Update come to the Official Forum first. So.. maybe only doin auction only.. but... barely

    Why i quit?

    1. Many of my friends in this site not so active anymore like last year, including me.
    2. Auction Business not so good, maybe my "Feng Shui" is bad. Ha..
    3. Price Raiser on trade thread.
    4. My Thread not so active lately, before, it was very active with some friends here. But its no more.
    5. I really miss my old friends from here who has quit and some are not so active anymore...
    6. People keep killing my thread now a days! D:
    7. Nah.. cant say it anymore..

    So, this is it.. Goodluck and have fun guys.
    D E L A Y

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    Default Re: バイバイ..

    Soo many people say that they're quitting, if your quitting then why are you still coming back to this site?
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    Default Re: バイバイ..

    lol vinlol

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    Default Re: バイバイ..

    nobody has ever truly quit this game i dont think. idk why they say they are
    I quit...

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    Default Re: バイバイ..

    Sorry to hear you're partly quitting. Hope you'll enjoy your partly Free Realms-free life.
    Arielle Moonshadow
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    Not interested in trading anymore. Everything's so expensive...

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    Default Re: バイバイ..

    Guys he said hes quitting this site from now on
    Maybe he shouldnt of said quitting but maybe just not going on the site
    but this is what he means by people killing his threads give some respect

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    I have won 1 TCG Tourney and I have maxed all jobs!

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    Default Re: バイバイ..

    I'm very sorry to hear you're leaving Free Realms Insider. Good luck, and see you around in-game.

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    Default Re: バイバイ..

    Each Event is preceded by Prophecy. But without the hero, there is no Event.

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