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    Default 2 level Pirate Cove lot now Christmas Themed!!

    Happy Holidays All! The Heavenly Wicked Pirate Cove is now Christmas themed! Yes pirates love Christmas and TOYS! This lot features 2 levels which contain 2 pirate taverns (all pirates need a place to go over their treasure maps), general store, hotel, graveyard, restaurants, bakery, bait & tackle shop, ice cream shop, VIP pool, comedy playhouse, witchdoctor dwelling, private homes, a fleet of pirate ships and a GIANT toy warehouse containing hundreds of toys and growing daily!! Can you find the entrance to the toy warehouse?

    If you enjoy role-playing with your child or need a fun place to play a game of hide-n-seek this lot has tons of hiding places and nooks and crannies to discover! (note to parents: not responsible for missing or lost children!)

    Our general store is now selling Christmas trees and snow days chests too!

    Below are past screen shots of the lot (screen capture is not working =/ )


    The lot has changed somewhat and is now Christmas themed!!

    Go to the housing directory and search Heavenly Wicked Cove or Morrighan and stop by for a visit!!

    ps this thread was created to invite the younger players and their parents to enjoy and explore the lot. All are welcome of course! It was not created to sell/trade toys however.
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