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    Default Understanding Parental Controls: Chat Privileges Changed.

    A new story entry has been added:

    Understanding Parental Controls: Chat Privileges Changed.

    Recently with the December Update member chat privileges have been changed. All members have been granted access to Free Chat. While members are thrilled to learn that accounts which were previously limited to Canned chat due to errors with their birth year, there has also been many concerns about younger members being able to interact with others through what is called "Free Chat".

    Free chat allows players to type and see other phrases typed by members. It is a chat system that allows members to interact freely with the only limit being the filters put in place. This allows the player to "chat" openly through typing in the open social chat, guild chat and private chat to other members as well.

    To help balance the frustration with these filters and to prevent younger members from revealing personal information or interacting with others without restrictions, Free Realms also put in place some predetermined phrases which players can select as well - also known as "Canned Chat". These Predetermined phrases can easily communicate feelings, phrases and needs within the game such as if they need to visit Snowhill. Free Chat players can use these phrases as well.

    Parents who are concerned about their child having access to Free Chat should review the parental controls of their child's account following these instructions by our Moderator Kaden:

    "If you go to the free realms home page and click under Parents > Parental Controls, you can change access to everything separately. You can switch the player back to canned chat.

    On my account it even let me decide if I wanted to have access to the forums separately too, so I can make myself canned chat but still have access to the forums. Not sure how that would work on an underage child's account, but it is worth looking into I think."

    This is something we encourage all members to review and become familiar with. For those concerned that their child may access these controls on their account -- you need to set up an individual password exclusive for the controls as seen below:

    While these changes occurred quite quickly and many parents may be concerned, there is much more access and changes you can make - From limiting their access to the SOE forums (allowing them to access, post and read the entire forum or just the announcements) to selecting what kind of chat you will allow them ("free chat" or "canned chat") to participate in.
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    Default Re: Understanding Parental Controls: Chat Privileges Changed.

    Thank You
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    Default Re: Understanding Parental Controls: Chat Privileges Changed.

    thats a great way for chatting
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    Default Re: Understanding Parental Controls: Chat Privileges Changed.

    Okay so heres the thing.The chat is awsome accept for one thing.The filters.So like its one thing to block out bad words and setch but these filters are blocking out letters and face like :p and :O and wont let you say simple things like Unfortunatly and setch.So lets say you get a word spelled wrong,it automaticly gets Filtered so you have to try to re-say it and spell it right,that can be very annoying for ppl who are talking in a group you cant hardly get anything you want to say in because you have to keep re-typing it in.You also cant do any signals like say > + = * and so on.So all i ask is for you ppl to take a look at a game like say dofus and check out there filters.They allow you to say everything accept the bad stuff! So those are my comments on this filter system!
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    Default Re: Understanding Parental Controls: Chat Privileges Changed.

    I love it now that I can talk,but there is one problem, I cant say one, because I say it alot in my chats. I wish they would fix it.
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    Default Re: Understanding Parental Controls: Chat Privileges Changed.

    The filters are more restrictive now.

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