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    Default Spooktacular Ends November 17th

    We hope everyone has had a great time in the annual Spooktacular event on Free Realms. SOE has announced that Spooktacular will be ending on November 17th (Tomorrow) with scheduled maintenance.

    If you haven't finished your Spooktacular quest lines, you may want to work towards that tonight, you have one night left to trick or treat, dress your house in spooky items, or battle the Pumpkin King. All holiday items and quests will be removed for another year once maintenance begins!

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    Default Re: Spooktacular Ends November 19th

    Isn't tomorrow the 17th? Either that,or my calendars are messed up.

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    Default Re: Spooktacular Ends November 17th

    :O ;-; goodbye, first spooktacular.

    Spoiler: show

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    Default Re: Spooktacular Ends November 17th

    awwww noooooo!!!!!!! nonoonono NOOOOO!
    (/ /)
    ( . .)

    bunny es sad now! :,(
    Twinkle0077 :3 (IGN: Savannah Dream)

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    Default Re: Spooktacular Ends November 17th

    Well then, everything will be back to normal tho? Isn't that good? :/

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