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    Default -- come participate in our forums!

    A new story entry has been added:

    [drupal=1845] -- come participate in our forums![/drupal]

    Have you checked out our Forums recently? If not, there's no time like the present! Our site is growing is leaps and bounds every day and with the help of our members we are building a community with a huge focus on fun and learning. We have members of all talents and abilities and encourage each one to join us and share their Free Realms adventures!

    Its Easy to Register. Simply click the "Join now!" button at the top of the forum, or click here and follow the instructions on screen.The best part is that FRI is totally free to participate on and our forums are easy to get around in! Another great benefit to joining is our monthly contests and the Insiders guilds within Free Realms. Members who have fifty helpful posts and two weeks membership are eligible to join one of our two guilds. Its so easy to become involved and join our guild, click here for more information!

    For those of you who have not registered, has many great sections to post in. It doesn't matter if you are interested in TCG, combat, adventures, creative writing, guilds, the story of free realms or just discussing events and ideas within the game. One of our more popular areas is the Free Market, which allows members to sell, trade and buy items found in Free realms, but there are many more areas to explore!

    Are you interested in sharing your knowledge about Free Realms? Fantastic! We are always seeking contributers for all of these sections mentioned and more! Do you know what quests give the best coins? How to harvest chef matierals faster than the rest? Then come share your wealth of knowledge and get to know other members along the way!

    You never know where your expertise will be needed or where you will find yourself posting next! Register now and help contribute to our collective knowledge here at FRI. Be sure to stop by and introduce yourself too!

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    Icon1 Re: -- come participate in our forums!

    I would like to say just cool.
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    Default Re: -- come participate in our forums!

    It will be great having more and more peps on here. This is such a nice and friendly place I don't see how anyone could not like it!

    <Insiders> guild one.

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    Default Re: -- come participate in our forums!

    just cool.

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